Mayday’s new wheels (and Squish)

10 March 2011

Well with only hours now until i am flying out we are now racing from Senang Hati Foundation to Ujang’s house to see Mayday in his chair.  Mayday was distressed upon seeing the chair for the first time (or maybe at the sight of ME!) so we thought it best to ease him into it slowly and not send it with him that day, Ujang came and collected later and was able to slowly introduce Mayday to the idea.

Flying traffic buzzing both ways, so close, cars, bikes, trucks, horns and a tiny little kitten stuck in the middle.  OH shit DEAR! 

STOP i screamed and like the crazy woman i am got out, ran into the middle of the road, mini skirt, no shoes, and now a kitten too!! YiPPiE,  not!!

Golly how tiny it was and just bones.  Jang pulled over a bit up the road and says “put it out here, it will be right”, I looked at Jang, looked at Kerry, Kerry looked at me.  no way was it going to make even an hour left out there.  NAH, sorry Jang, dont think so.  too far back to BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Association) so Jang tells us no problem we will take it to the shelter near his home.  okay, we all agree to that.  a bit further up the road Jang is now patting, who by now i have named Squish and has said better we take it to his little group of families compound.  then he is minding it until i get back in June, by the time we get to his house, Squish has become a fully fledged VIP guest of the household.  i just hoped it could manage to survive until i got back.

Then i saw Mayday being wheeled out by Mum, oh my, the chair was made for him, it is simply perfect.Sitting up so straight and now more at ease. Until he saw me!, i am the scary lady who brings scary things! How proud am i to  be able to do this,  i am truly blessed.

look at me!

By now Chiqitita, Jang’s daughther has whisked Squish up, got him milk and not put him down. By now I am sure my new cat will be just fine!

Might not get him back though!  I had to apologise to Mrs. Jang, “i am so sorry but your wheel chair comes with a cat!”  we all had a great laugh.


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