Restiti and Alit

9th Maret, 2011

After coming down from Songan School mountain we are now hungry and tired.  The morning we have had I didn’t imagine the day could get any better.

We arrived at the home of Restiti (19) and Alit (11) who live with their Mother and 3 sisters, Dad has left them.  They are also in Songan area of the Kintamani region (up near volcano). Their home is rather nice and clean, tiny of course, they even have pet fish.  5 Girls in one room, gee, they must argue!……..Restiti and Alit are propped against the wall in what i guessed was their usual place to sit all day.  I found it difficult to imagine they have never been out of their home, after meeting the family I can see it would be very difficult to carry the girls for any length of time and going out for a day would be impossible for them. Very sad, but that is why we are here today.

Today Restiti and Alit get mobile!Terima Kasih Mr. Ron

I have great support from the Apple Maq Lions Club here in Brisbane who donate the chairs and from the wonderful Louise of Virgin Airlines who grants extra baggage allowance in order for me to take the chairs.  Thank you guys for your support, together we do this, i am just the lucky one who gets to see and deliver.  A big thank you also to Mr. Bloody Ron (aka) The Lord Mayor of Sanur, who after hearing my story of the girls, and my desire to give the girls a new Barbie in a box each, kindly donated the money for me to race off and buy the dolls.  I am very grateful for the support of the many people who come together to make this all happen.  As i said i do not do this alone, it is a combined effort.

Okay meetings and greetings over, Mum in tears, more girls coming in to the home.  I was not aware of the three more sisters and now am feeling guilty i have nothing for the other girls.  I wondered if they might feel guilty that they are okay and their sisters are so disabled.  Mum is quite attractive as are her daughters.  As a mother i cannot imagine how helpless she must feel.  Sometimes in these situations i have to put a halt to the thinking and just get on with the job.

Restiti is busy making her Barbie kabaya’s and shows me her beautiful work.  I happily pay top dollar and buy a dozen of the outfits.  Great money for Restiti.  We are then shown Alit’s drawing book, WOW, what talent, her drawings are age appropriate but of very high standard.  Immediately i imagine a calender or packs of birthday greeting cards, these drawings are just beautiful.  Alit has nice pencils and drawing books but i’d love to see her go with paints.  Looking back I wish i had asked her to draw me something special so i could have it framed.  Next time…, also a paint set for Alit and something for the three sisters who probably miss out due to their disabled sisters getting all the gifts and attention.

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