and young Agus gets a wheel chair too! – January 2013

And also because Setiawan got the first chair in the village region we were able to serve this young man.  This is the story of Brother Agus as written by Director of Bali Community Services, Endang Stelmach.

Dear All,IMG_0009

We are pleased to announced that Bali Community Services has received two Wheel Chair donation from Mr Sangah/Ms Michelle
and we have hand-over this Wheel Chair to the person needed in Desa Sumita, Gianyar, Bali.
One Wheel Chair is to be given to a young boy named Wayan Agus.
Agus is 18 years old and lived happily with his parents in Sumita Village.
About three years ago, when he was playing soccer in the soccer field, he’s got an accident, which caused him unable to walk.
The parents took him to the Doctor and after checking everything they found out that Agus has got a very limited white-cell blood
and very low immune system. The accident caused his right leg and made him unable to walk. Instead of continuing checking
with Hospital, the parents took him to a Smart-Man that gave him a massage, and this massage made another lump on his right

Our Health-Volunteer, Doni and Rena visited him frequently and treated with healthy food as well as fruit and vegetables but
cant do more since his condition need a Wheel Chair.IMG_0011
Mr Sangah and Michelle helped Agus with Wheel-Chair and Agus now is very happy. Thank God and thank you for Mr Sangah and
Michelle !

Agus can not continue going to the School, therefore we plan to help Agus to find an Institution or Foundation that can help him to do
some activities, since his talent is carving the wood for windows and doors.

May God bless you all !.IMG_0013IMG_0015

Reported by
Endang Stelmach


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