Brother Buda gets a wheel chair – January 2013

The following is the Story of Brother Buda as written by Director of  Bali Community Services Endang Stelmach on February 2nd, 2013 IMG_0022

Dear All,

We continue the story of Brother Buda.

Bali Community Services mission in Gianyar Regency is also to help people in Gianyar in Health services, especially
in the remote areas where there is no medical treatment for the needy.

In Sumita Village we also found brother Buda.
Brother Buda is 37 years of age. He was working also as a man who does the carving for Windows and Doors, He also
a Carpenter and a hard working man.
About ten years ago, he’s got an accident, he fall from the wall just at his house. Due to the accident caused the problem
in his back bone and made him unable to walk.
His family is very poor and unable to treat him with medical treatment, also his wife and two children leaving him, he’s got
very depressed. He need a wheel-chair so that he can go anywhere without giving burden to his brother that always carrying
him around. He lived in the small dirty room with his mother that loves him so much and look after him.

With the help of Wheel Chair from Mr. Sangah/Ms Michelle through Bali Community Services, now brother Buda can sit
on the Wheel Chair and he is so happy !

Thank you God for the helping thru Mr Sangah and Ms Michelle, God bless you all.


Endang Stelmach


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One response to “Brother Buda gets a wheel chair – January 2013

  1. it is with thanks to Brother Setiawan and him getting the first chair in that village area that this man was able to get the services he and his family so desperately needed. And so the service spreads and the love grows.

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